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TwinTowerPower specifications

Mobile, modified SDMO generator of 90 KW with two light poles. Intended for long-term electricity and lighting in all areas.
The Twin Tower Power `s are built to customer demand and requirements.

Mobile , modified SDMO Generator 90 KW with two light poles up to 15 meters high .Designed for long-lasting power and light supply in all areas .And also partly made ​​better suited to increased risk in hazardous areas. Depending on the terms of use that are made on site.
Possession and built to different standards:
EEx / ATEX / NEN3140 / IMO
Remote controlled / read out via:
Wi - Fi / Internet Options
Maximum intensity at each spot:
Two pneumatic cylinders each with six ultra strong lights . The twelve lamps give a combined illumination of 1,200,000 lumens .Each mast can rotate 360 ​​degrees . The lamps can rotate vertically in rows of three 180 degrees .The lamps m.b.v. a remote - control can be addressed. Standing Explosion Proof Fire & Gas safety system detects:
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Gas

Auto close :In an emergency:
The safety switches critical parts.The degree of the alarm phase is directly readable and can also be monitored via the internet.

The various stages are kind of alarm signals as shown in the offshore and petrochemical industries . Tw : Green / Yellow / Red / Blue ESD and various statuses .Features a certified offshore Fire & Gas system and an automatic fire extinguishing aerosol.
  • Positioning hydraulic horizontal.
  • Lighting Poles are safe and functional to wind 8-10.
  • Auto start and stop.
  • Auto mains synchronization options.
  • ATEX Eex - voltage connections.
  • Flame arrestors / spark arrestors on the exhaust .
  • Diesel day tank , fuel consumption 200 liters in 24 hours at full load and connection for external fuel supply.
  • Rigsavers and fuel ESD valve `s.
  • Extra large tank of oil related maintenance grant `s raid, depending on the load and operating hours.
  • Enhanced sound damper.
  • Relatively low fuel consumption and emissions for the current standard .Electric space heater oil and water , serving the diesel engine.
  • Further advantage is that the diesel generator set itself is compact and light and is less than < 5 tons , almost every crane in the North Sea can lift.
Can extra `s optionally be carried out , if the applicant so wishes, for example, with the following:
  • Temperature sensors: The Fire & Gas panel.
  • Wind system : For the lampposts automatically or high and let it go at high wind speeds and mechanical protection of these down.
  • Electric fields detection system : To stop at a safe distance and height , for example, or under powerlines the lampposts automatically or near live parts.
  • Magnetic field detection system : To stop at a safe distance and height , for example, or under powerlines the lampposts automatically or near live parts.
  • ADR Rollover detection system: If the diesel gets set or entire trailer full of horizontal or imbalance position , Will this matter completely safe electrical disconnection and cut off the supply of fuel . This is to prevent additional fire or other unwanted damage.
  • Other options Example : Camera `s , antennas , dishes or firefighting water cannons at the top of the mast instead of lighting or in combination.
  TwinTowerPower Generator
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